11+ Best Locations for ASU Graduation Photos


I love shooting college graduation portraits. Many people think high school senior portraits are the only time you will get professionally photographed before your wedding, but I highly recommend a portrait session after graduating college. It’s a huge accomplishment, a great way to get some high quality professional headshots for your new LinkedIn profile, and a great way to celebrate you!

A lot of college seniors want their photo shoot done at their college. Arizona State University Tempe Campus is the most common location but with how huge the Tempe campus is, it’s hard to know what all is possible on campus. Below are 11 of my favorite locations for ASU graduation photos.

ASU graduation photos in front of Old Main fountain
1. Old Main

This is THE most requested ASU graduation photos location, and as such, it’s VERY crowded around graduation season. In both spring (March-May) and fall (November-December) especially around sunset, you can expect it to be packed, sometimes with a line of photographers waiting. It’s iconic of ASU and especially Tempe. Old Main is the original building built in the late 1800’s, so it really is old. The fountain in front of Old Main is also very iconic and highly requested. This is the spot most sororities take their group photos in front of as well, and a lot of them get into the fountain for some fun photos.

ASU Old Main graduation photos

ASU Old Main graduation portrait session

ASU graduation photos Old Main

ASU graduation photos

2. University Club

Located right next to Old Main is the University Club at ASU which is a building with a lot of great colors that really compliment college graduation portrait sessions. If you are looking for some color in your ASU graduation photos, this location is a great option!

ASU college senior graduation portrait session

3. Piper Writer House

Situated near Old Main, the Piper Writer House is a lovely little building with lots of greenery and brick walls surrounding it. In spring, blooming purple flowers fill the trees. This ASU graduation photo location has some nice benches in and around the gardens surrounding the house as well.

ASU college graduation engagement photos

ASU graduation engagement photos

Tempe engagement photos

4. Palm Walk

Want a classic Arizona State University graduation photo? Getting a shot along Palm Walk is a must. Palm Walk is a palm-lined walkway and one of the main walkways of ASU. Often crowded, especially during the busy weekdays, you might have some people in your photos, but that’s part of the charm of Palm Walk. It’s also conveniently near both Old Main and Piper Writer House, making it an ideal ASU graduation photo location.

ASU grad photos cap and gown ASU graduation photos on Palm Walk

5. Walkway over University Drive

The walkway over University Dr going towards Manzanita Hall is a neat place to shoot especially towards the evening. The lights from the cars below can create some cool effects. Manzanita Hall is also a landmark on the ASU Tempe campus.

Arizona State University college grad photographer ASU college graduation photo over University Drive
6. WP Carey School

ASU is known for its business school. If you are graduating with a business degree, the newly renovated and constructed WP Carey School of Business is a great place to shoot your ASU graduation session with a lot of interesting architecture. Plus it also makes a great place to get some new headshots for your job hunt!

WP Carey business school ASU graduation photos ASU college graduation headshots


6. Wells Fargo Arena

This is where some majors have their graduation ceremonies. While you can’t get portraits done here on any of the actual graduation days because of how crowded it is, you can get some great photos in front of the Wells Fargo Arena if you book your session well before any graduation ceremonies happen.

Arizona State University graduation photos

7. On Top of A Mountain

For those who are up for a little bit of exercise, you can also have photos taken at the top of “A” Mountain with a view of ASU & Tempe below. It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach the top depending on your fitness level and it does get your heart rate up a bit, but the views are great!

8. In Front of Your Major’s Building

You’ve likely spent a lot of time around your major’s main building, so getting some shots in front of the meaningful building can be a great idea if you are looking for locations for your ASU graduation photos.

ASU college graduation photos for guys

ASU college grad photos casual

9. Barret Honor’s College

Were you in the Barret Honor’s College? Barret has some unique nooks & crannies to shoot, as well as some signs to commemorate your accomplishments.

Arizona college senior photos

cool urban casual ASU graduation photos at Barret Honors College

10. Hayden Library & West Hall

Hayden Library is another iconic location of student life at ASU. Maybe you spent a lot of time at Hayden, or perhaps none at all, but there are some great ways to use the architecture of Hayden Library & lawn for your college senior photos. I also particularly like the architecture of West Hall right next to Hayden- it looks very east coast college-like. and photographs really well.

ASU graduation photos at Hayden Library

Arizona State University graduation photos with decorated cap law school bound

11. Cool random nooks

ASU has a ton of cool random nooks full of cool textures, walls and architecture.Taking some time to explore during your ASU grad portrait session will get you unique and cool photos that no one else will have. I like to spend half of the session time exploring for some interesting and unique locations like these. Who knows what we’ll find?

artistic unique college senior portraits in Phoenix

Arizona college senior grad photos

Arizona college graduation photos with motorcycle

Want to shoot somewhere a little bit different, unique and less crowded than ASU campus for your Arizona college graduation portraits? Check out this post with some unique location ideas for your college senior portraits that aren’t a college campus.

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When should I book college graduation photos?

I typically recommend booking these at least 2 months before your graduation date to give ample time to edit the photos and order any graduation announcements and products you may want for your graduation party. Each session is customized to you. Check out more information on Phoenix college senior sessions and contact me to book yours!Save




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