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Are you exhausted by wedding planning, overwhelmed, feeling like it’s no longer about you & your fiance and more like a big show for everyone else? Maybe you’re both introverted and would rather have a meaningful, intimate wedding with 2-20 people instead of 100 people you barely know? You can elope and in fact, Arizona is a fantastic state to do so! Eloping is a way to simplify things, keep costs down and take back your sanity and make your wedding more about you two instead of trying to meet other people’s expectations.

Best Elopement Locations in Arizona


What is an elopement vs an intimate wedding?

An elopement is usually you & your fiance, plus maybe up to 5 others. Most people opt to elope somewhere beautiful- Arizona has a lot of really beautiful locations. An elopement usually is just a ceremony. An intimate wedding is usually more than 5 people but less than 40 and often includes perhaps a small reception at a favorite restaurant, bar or an outdoor meal. Think of elopements as the ceremony plus some time for beautiful wedding couple portraits, whereas an intimate wedding has most or all of the usual wedding day events- getting ready, ceremony, wedding couple portraits, family photos, and a reception with maybe a first dance, just with a smaller guest list!

How far out do you book elopements?

Because I shoot bigger weddings, I don’t book weekend elopements (Friday-Sunday) more than 2-3 months out during wedding season which for Arizona is February-May & September-November. However, summer and weekday elopements are totally available for booking more than 2-3 months away and in fact you may save money booking during these times through other vendors as well.

Do you travel for elpoements?

I travel happily! I offer travel rates (discounted or waived during summer!) to all areas of Arizona and happily travel to other states and countries as well. Contact me for more specifics!

Elopement Pricing

Your elopement, your way!

“Alyssa is amazing! She made our wedding pictures so much fun with our 4 kids. They loved her sense of humor which helped open up even our most timid. We will cherish our pictures. She really did help make it a perfect day. Thank you Alyssa!!”


2 hour elopement packages

Local Phoenix area only

Starting at $1000

Other Vendor Recommendations available

Northern Arizona elopements including Sedona, Flagstaff

Starting at $2000

Other Vendor Recommendations available

Amazing job capturing us being us!

Alyssa is an absolutely lovely person to work with! We found her online and immediately loved her work. We met once in person and instantly knew we wanted to have her be our photographer. We originally were only looking for a photographer for engagement photos. She did such an amazing job capturing us, being us. She was also very flexible with where we wanted to do pictures and adventured with us up north. We planned an impromptu elopement and wanted Alyssa there to capture the moment with us. Once again we are absolutely amazed and very pleased with our wedding photos. I would highly recommend her services. She has a true love for photography and it shows. She’s very personable and we know we will use her for anniversary photos! Thank you so much Alyssa!







Want to book? Have more questions? Want to chat about specifics of your day? I would love to hear from you, please do feel free to give me a call on 480-458-7437 or shoot me an email below or at

Alyssa Campbell Photography is an Arizona wedding, elopement and portrait photographer based in Phoenix with over 8 years experience. She prides herself in her documentary, candid style that brings out even shy people's authentic personalities, capturing real life moments.


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