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Documenting your real life connections with your loved ones authentically

authentic storytelling

Moments big & small deserve to be honestly documented

Human connection is my lifeblood and my why I do photography

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Let’s craft an experience to foster connection with your favorite humans because life is more than a photoshoot, and more than pretty photos. It’s about connection and experiences.

I want to take the focus away from getting “one pretty photo of everyone smiling” and turn it towards an experience. Letting kids be kids- playing in the river, running, being wild and free, laughing with their parents. Those are the connections I seek to document and the photos that matter to me, as a parent. Those are the photos I want to give to my family to look back at and remember when I am no longer on this earth.

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What’s included in a portrait session?

  • 1-2 hours of shooting
  • online gallery of 50+ edited photos with reprinting rights
Gilbert Riparian Preserve wedding

Hey there,

Nice to meet you, I´m Alyssa.

My style is candid, documentary and real.

As a mom of a very spirited 3 year old, I now fully understand the importance of documenting your real life as a family, how fast kids change and how DIFFICULT it is to make the time to get photos done. Holy moley, I never knew the effort it took to get kids even out the door before becoming a mom.

But mama, even a professional photographer of 10+ years, I have not gotten enough photos of my kid growing up, nor been in enough photos myself. I HEAR and live the struggle.

Do yourself a favor, and get the photos done. Don’t wait until you find the time to get your hair redyed, lose the 10 pounds, or find the perfect outfits. Get those photos of you snuggling your baby, before they are no longer babies.

Alyssa Campbell Arizona wedding photographer

My approach to family photos is the same as my wedding work- letting things unfold in front of me naturally and being ready to document that toddler running at me. Documenting those silly games and faces, documenting that toddler meltdown and cuddling with mom because mom is magic and fixes all things. Those moments go by in an instant. My experience as both a wedding photographer of 10+ years and as a mom means that I can catch those moments. You don’t have to pose, or control your child- in fact, I don’t want you to. All I want you to do is have fun and connect as a family. There are no better photos than those real experiences.

And don’t worry, we will get that 1 good smiling one with everyone looking at the camera too. And so many more beautiful moments.



Top Tips for Your Family Photo Session

Top Tips for Your Family Photo Session

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