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Documenting your real life connections with your loved ones authentically

Hey there,

Nice to meet you, I´m Alyssa.

My style is candid, documentary and real.

Human connection is why we are here on this earth, I think. Romantic love between two people is one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences in life. My goal behind my couples’ sessions- whether those are engagement sessions or anniversary sessions or just because sessions are to give you time and space to reconnect as a couple in your individual, authentic way with each other. Each person, and relationship is different and I want to document that dynamic. I want to empower you to create an experience for your session- an ideal date to connect to your partner to have fun instead of just taking pretty photos in a pretty place with no real meaning behind it.

Alyssa Campbell Arizona wedding photographer

My approach to couples’ photos is the same as my wedding work- letting things unfold in front of me naturally and being ready to document the small gestures, emotions and things that you want to remember about your relationship when things get hard. My experience as both a wedding photographer of 10+ years means that I can catch those moments. You don’t have to pose and every hair doesn’t need to be perfectly in place- in fact, I don’t want you to. All I want you to do is have fun and connect as a couple. Your partner does not have to be thrilled with the idea of getting photos done- I’ll work with them on being more confident and comfortable being expressive. And as someone with a partner who is less than thrilled with photos, creating an experience rather than just taking pretty photos in a pretty place will make them a lot more excited about the idea. There are no better photos than those real experiences.

And don’t worry, we will get those pretty photos smiling at the camera too. And so many more beautiful moments.

authentic storytelling

Moments big & small deserve to be honestly documented

Human connection is my lifeblood and my why I do photography

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I have never had such beautiful photos captured. Alyssa did a shoot of my boyfriend and I, and honestly, I was blown away. She captured all the of moments. The little intimate moments. Big moments. Eye-crinkling laughing moments. Moments often missed if you’re not really looking. And she caught them all.

The whole experience was a fun one for me. She was very professional and knew how to get you to be truly you, infront of the camera and in between shots. I cannot recommend her enough.


Let’s craft an experience to foster connection with your favorite human (and animals, if you want!) because life is more than a photoshoot, and more than pretty photos. It’s about connection and experiences.

I want to take the focus away from getting “one pretty photo of everyone smiling” and turn it towards an experience. Engagement photos are the start of an adventure, the start of a love story. They capture your relationship at that moment of time- whether you’ve been together for 3 months or 13 years. It’s the stepping towards something new and different. Documenting that phase of your relationship is so vital because like everything in life, nothing is constant except change. 

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What’s included in an engagement session?

  • 1-2 hours of shooting
  • online gallery of 50+ edited photos with reprinting rights
  • engagement sessions are included in a lot of my wedding packages- contact me if you are planning an Arizona wedding!
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