It’s not enough to simply take beautiful photos of people in epic scenery and bring forth their personalities. Nearly every photographer can do that these days. What I think matters most is being an mirror, a witness to people’s small and big moments in their lives and capturing those for them. I want to capture moments and photos that mean something to my clients throughout their lives- the photos they hang on their walls to bring them joy when they are going through a tough time and the photos that bring them comfort at the funerals of their loved ones.

For the independent free spirit who loves the wind in your hair. For the person who loves nature but hates trends, who wants to be authentic and real, but not #liveauthentic, down to earth, not a princess. For the person who craves depth and vulnerability, for photos that show who you really are, to look at on the wall and smile and be proud of because “this is me, this is us”. Real.

Honesty & authenticity is one of the bravest and daring things. It is vulnerable because society tell us who to be, what to think, how to act from the moment we are born, implicitly or explicitly. Sometimes, the message is “hide your true self behind what’s expected” and do what you’re told.  Doing what’s expected is often the forced smile and posey photos that everyone expects, but isn’t a reflection of who you really are. It’s a fake smile, a hollow laugh.

“But I’m not photogenic!” I hear you, I understand. Authenticity isn’t about stiff poses, it’s about connection to each other, and yourself. It’s about having the bravery to be your genuine self without fear of how you’ll look. Because I promise you, when you are authentically yourself, you’ve never looked so good. And best of all, it makes being photographed FUN. Yes, I said the f-word. If you’re ready to be vulnerable, real, honest & brave, scroll through my work and see if it speaks to you. Then email me to get the conversation started.

I am an Arizona wedding photographer, underwater portrait photographer, engagement  photographer& high school senior and college graduate photographer specializing in natural, genuine documentary portraits of you serving the greater Phoenix area including Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix & beyond.

Photo by Scott English.