It’s fall (sort of) in Arizona and my underwater portrait season is officially at an end. I’m so sad to be out of the water for a while! I love how beautiful a red, flowy dress is underwater. It’s so vibrant and striking. Bahar came to me to do some creative underwater portraits- no special occasion, just for the fun of doing an underwater shoot. I gasped when she came out in this gorgeous red dress- it was absolutely perfect for this type of session. Underwater photography is more challenging for the people in front of my lens than for me. You have to hold your breath, keep your eyes open, not puff out your cheeks like a puffer fish, not look like you’re drowning and move through the pose. I have so much respect for each of my clients doing a session with me, because I’m not sure that I could do it! Bahar not only rocked her session, but made it look effortless and natural and had amazing grace in the water. Water naturally makes you look graceful, even if you don’t feel like you are during the actual session, but Bahar’s grace underwater was exceptional. I loved collaborating with her artistically and bouncing ideas off each other!

I can’t wait until April when the pools in Phoenix warm up enough for me to get in the water again.

girl in a red dress underwater portraits by Phoenix underwater photographer Alyssa Campbell

woman in red dress underwater fashion photos

Arizona underwater fashion photographer

Arizona underwater fashion portraits in red dress

Phoenix underwater fashion photos in red dress



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