I am very excited to announce that my article for Senior Style Guide, a high school & college senior photographer magazine & online blog featuring senior photography was published in their June 2014 Issue 11. This is a major accomplishment for me because I have never been published in a magazine before OR had any of my articles published. It also represents a hurtle for me that I overcame. This year I made it a goal to get an article published on my underwater work. I thought that it would be a hard goal and I would likely not get it the first time around, but that I would try anyway. And I certainly did not expect to reach that goal so quickly into the year. But I tried it, and now here I am! Often I think we stand in our own way of achieving what we set out to do and let our own fears guide and dictate what we can achieve. We would all be more successful and more quickly reach our goals if we put aside our fears and self limiting behavior and thoughts and just went for things.

The article features Taylor from this Arizona underwater prom dress session. The session itself also represented me trying something that I was unsure about- underwater senior photography & underwater prom photography- but that came out fabulously, in part thanks to Taylor’s excellent underwater modeling skills, a willingness to try new things with me, and my own skills and sheer dumb luck.

Thank you Senior Style Guide for publishing me & my work! Photographers, you can purchase the magazine here. Disclosure, I get no profits or anything and had to pay for the magazine out of my pockets myself so by buying the magazine you are just supporting Senior Style Guide. The digital version will likely be released at a later date.

I am also booking underwater prom dress photo shoots, underwater senior photo sessions, underwater trash the wedding dress sessions, underwater engagements & underwater maternity photo sessions this summer in the Phoenix AZ area. View my other underwater photos here and view underwater sessions on my blog here and contact me here. Thanks & looking forward to a summer filled of underwater fun & beautiful art!

Senior Style Guide issue 11 cover & Trash the Prom Dress Underwater Article by Alyssa Campbell



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