I came across Astrid, an underwater model based in Georgia in a model group. She was on a roadtrip with a friend, traveling across the US doing shoots along the way. One of her stops happened to be in Phoenix. I don’t shoot a lot of fashion, but I love the opportunity to create art with other creatives. Underwater modeling is a very difficult artform, and Astrid does it beautifully. I was transfixed by her fluid grace & comfort underwater. She is truly a mermaid!

Experimentation is a vital part of my creative process. I think a lot of photographers, especially myself, need to make more room for creative experimentation and play. As we grow up, our time for play decreases less and less, stifling our ability to be creative regardless of being “creatives” or not. I believe everyone has their own brand of creativity inside them and that it’s a muscle that can be exercised or not. Science backs this up as well.

I would love to make more room this year and in the coming years to do personal projects and to do creative shoots solely for creative expression.

Thank you for assisting me with lighting on this shoot Lucy!

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