Being an introvert, a homebody but also someone who loves the outdoors & exploring, I always have this internal debate with myself- do I want to do something outside & active this weekend, or do I just want to stay home, relax, and lounge around the house? Usually, the latter wins, especially since my husband is also a homebody. Engagement sessions & couples’ sessions often take place in these epic, outdoorsy locations, or modern downtown city scapes, which is awesome but what do you do if you’re a homebody that just likes to do things around the house, play with your dogs (or cats), read, watch TV, etc? I’m a firm believer in documenting what you do and love, and an in home engagement session or anniversary session gives a certain realness to the photos, like capturing every day life? Or, even better, if you want a little bit of both- an outdoors session and documentary portraits of you & your loved one in your home, do both! I would LOVE to do more of these types of sessions, especially if there are dogs involved. Because dogs are always a good idea! Cats too, I guess, but dogs are better.

Crista & Alex just bought this gorgeous little home in Gilbert and did a FABULOUS job decorating it. I was seriously impressed with their decorating skills. Feel free to come to my house and help that out any time, Crista! Crista is a superwoman basically- she’s running a million things, including a POTS support & awareness group. Equally as awesome is Alex who is an environmental consultant, Crista’s amazing dance partner, home improvement partner, and all around great guy. So because they are always running a million miles an hour, we thought that a quiet in home documentary session in their beautiful new home, capturing the every day, lazy Sunday types of days would be a great chance of pace for them. They did their normal Sunday routine- make pancakes & eggs, read the newspaper, watch a little Shrek, play Go Fish. You know, normal awesome-people stuff.

Phoenix engagement session at home cute decor

couple making breakfast at home Phoenix couples session documentary photography

Arizona documentary couples engagement session at home

documentary in home engagement session in Mesa, AZ

engagement session at home making breakfast Phoenix documentary lifestyle photographer

morning ritual documentary Phoenix engagement session at home

Mesa Arizona documentary lifestyle engagement session at home

couple sitting at table reading newspaper smiling lazy Sunday engagement session

Gilbert documentary engagement shoot at home

Gilbert documentary engagement shoot at home

Gilbert engagement session at home

Gilbert lifestyle engagement session at home

engaged couple playing go fish at home in home engagement photos

Phoenix in home documentary engagement photo session

If you’re interested in a session like this one- whether you are engaged, already married or maybe you just really love your dog, contact me! Don’t worry if you’re house isn’t as impeccably coordinated and amazing as Crista’s (seriously, you’re putting us all to shame here!). What matters is documenting photos that feel true to you. I love capturing that for people- documentary photos that make you go “yes! this is our relationship!”.




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