Garret is the talented, extremely patient and meticulous web developer of not only my new site, but every site I have had. He has had the patience to work with me for the last 4 years and we have both grown in skill together. I am so happy to have him on my “team”. He and his lovely wife, Naomi got married in a simple courthouse wedding and thus never got any wedding photos. I thought it would be perfect to go up north to Watson Lake in Prescott this summer with an awesome wedding dress I bought used on eBay. They were awesome to brave mosquitoes and climb on rocks and be adventurous. I love these types of sessions!

groom with mutton chops getting boutineer put on

I am proud to say I made the boutineer myself from some dried lavender (my favorite flower!) and some rosemary from my garden. Florist I am not, but hey, it works!

bride holding dried lavender bouquet in Prescott forest

dried lavender bouquet rustic outdoor wedding

bride and groom with glasses at Prescott Riparian habitat

bride and groom in field in Prescott

bride and groom together day after wedding session

I loved the story behind Garret & Naomi’s rings. They were made from Garret’s dogtags which he had made into rings. Simple but beautiful and meaningful.

bride and groom holding hands with custom dogtag rings

dogtag wedding rings on dried lavender flowers

dogtag wedding rings on pincone

bride and groom in field romantic day after session

bride and groom laughing in field in Prescott

bride and groom with glasses hugging in riparian preserve Prescott

bride and groom in hiking boots walking in riparian habitat Prescott Arizona

epic rocky landscape with bride and groom on rock in Watson Lake Prescott

epic black and white photo of bride and groom on rocks in Watson Lake Prescott

bride and groom romantic day after portraits at Watson Lake Prescott AZ

bride and groom foreheads together laughing in front of rocky Arizona background

Thank you so much Garret & Naomi for letting me take these photos for you, hiking around doing my crazy ideas and being so darn cute!



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