High school senior guys are great to shoot. Eric graduated from Red Mountain High School in Mesa and is likely on his mission right now! He brought me a film camera to shoot at his session. I’ve honestly never shot film and I have no idea if the photo turned out, but it definitely makes me want to play around with it some more! He grew up around the Salt River area in northeast Mesa, so it only made sense to have his session there.

Most high school senior guys (any age, really) I work with either are indifferent to photos, or really are only doing them because their mom is making them. The highest compliment I get from them is “hey, that wasn’t so bad and actually was kind of fun!”. Guys- I get that taking photos isn’t your favorite thing in the world. I promise to get you some cool photos, along with the smiling ones Mom loves. My biggest tip? Bring along something you love doing. Love to skateboard or whatever the cool thing is now to do? Bring that along and we can shoot you skateboarding. I’ve shot guys slack-lining before even for their high school senior photos. If you’re a gamer, we’ll have to get a little creative since I typically shoot outdoors, but we can definitely incorporate that. And of course, if you’re a dog person, dogs are ALWAYS welcome along for shoots as long as our location allows dogs. I LOVE DOGS. Chat with me about what you like to do and we can come up with some cool ideas. Maybe food is your thing? We can do part of the session at your favorite taco place, then do the photos for mom at a “nice” place that’s more traditional. Do you have a sense of humor and want to incorporate some fun props? Bring those along and we can do some funny photos. I’ve shot some goofy mustache glasses paired with a suit before! The possibilities are really endless and thinking of some out of the box ideas that make things fun for you are the keys to making high school senior photos for guys fun.

Not into any of those things? I promise to make a fool of myself intentionally or unintentionally for your entertainment!

Mesa High School Senior Photos | Red Mountain

Red Mountain High School senior portraits at Salt River

Mesa outdoor high school senior photos guy

fun outdoor natural high school senior guy portraits in Mesa

cool outdoor mountain high school senior photos at sunset guy in suit

scenic mountain photos high school senior Mesa

outdoor desert high school senior photos guy in suit Red Mountain High School Mesa





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