Today is Sidney & Jason’s wedding day! I am so excited to share their joyful day with them. They rocked their engagement session at the Riparian Preserve in Mesa with their fur baby, Sampson. The Riparian Preserve in Mesa is one of my favorite places for portrait sessions because there are so many wonderful little nooks and crannies to find and it always looks different every time I shoot there. It also doesn’t look like it’s in the city at all with all of the cottonwoods and water-loving desert plants. I was so excited when Sidney & Jason brought along Sampson and I wanted to steal him by the end of the session. He was such a wonderful and well behaved dog – much better than my dogs. When he wasn’t in a shot, we could tie him to some branches or benches and he would just look on without a bark or whine. Sidney & Jason were so relaxed and calm throughout the session, they made it far too easy on me. I love these natural and genuine portraits of them. Their wedding is at Sidney’s parents’ home in East Mesa today, an intimate backyard wedding with their closest friends. I’m also told Sampson will most likely be in the wedding as well. I love dogs in weddings! Happy wedding day Sidney & Jason and I can’t wait to capture your day.

Guy kissing fiance on forehead in front of tree

engaged couple dancing together beside a tree

engaged couple kissing beside a tree

couple walking with dog along path with trees

couple holding hands with French bulldog looking at camera

diamond engagement ring round cut on desert flower

engaged couple smiling at camera and kissing forehead

guy whispering something into girl's ear

couple kissing with tree branches surrounding them in the desert

girl with arms around guy leaning back in sunlight

couple kissing in field with palo verde trees in background

engaged couple with foreheads together at sunset

couple with French bulldog in arms laughing

white French bulldog looking at camera with yellow bandana




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