By Alyssa Campbell

I’ve been in Hawaii since Friday… I know, you’re thinking  “you lucky *****”.

My family and I have always had a special connection with Hawaii. I think I was either Hawaiian or a dolphin in a past life. We came here to set my brother’s leis into the ocean, a Hawaiian tradition when someone dies. I have never seen humpbacks before and was hoping I would see them while I was here. We went to the big island for a few days. Yesterday my dad got his finger sliced open by a moray eel about 5 minutes into our dive (being a stupid man, sticking his hands where they don’t belong!) and got stitches.

Today we went out fishing. I tagged along to make sure he didn’t hurt his finger further. After only catching a few inedible barracuda and seeing a few humpbacks off in the distance, I was starting to think I dragged my underwater camera housing along for nothing, when a few groups of female humpbacks with their calves came around the fishing boat. I gathered up the courage to hop into the 300+ ft of open ocean with only my snorkel and my 20 lbs of camera equipment… and got this shot. It’s probably my favorite underwater shot ever and was also on my bucket list of things to photograph before I die.

female humpback and calf underwater Hawaii

female humpback whale and calf underwater Hawaii

It was such a beautiful experience. Thanks Brandon for sending me those whales.

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