I was incredibly honored to photograph Crystal & Wendi’s wedding at their church, Foothills Christian Church, a LGBT friendly Christian supporter of marriage equality and the organization Why Marriage Matters in Arizona, a marriage equality and LGBT activist group. Their story is a powerful and deeply inspiring story and one that I am honored to help tell in a small way. Both Wendi & Crystal are much better writers than I, so I will quote them throughout this blog post because their words are so beautiful and powerful.

Wendi & Crystal both had a strong connection with God early on in their lives. Slowly, they begun to suspect that their attractions were different- that they might be gay. They met in college living in the same hall through roommates and slowly over a year and a half, fell in love. They knew this was not the sort of love taught to them in Sunday school and worried what their families and church would think. In their words, ” …we also knew what we had together was incredibly raw and gentle and bursting with color and life and that truly made us want to strive to be better people for each other and the world around us.”  So through the fires of inner conflict, they forged their own beautiful diamond of a relationship together, a fusion of love and a new kind of faith, one that is radiant and open and accepting, shining through them and filling them with joy. I hope that shows in the photos, because it was an amazing thing to witness, two people so in love and so radiant with inner light and joy. They kept their relationship a secret for nine years. Nine years, guys. After watching their loved ones marry and start families, they realized how unfair they were being to themselves, so they began the process of coming out. I can only imagine how difficult that was, and I admire their strength. All of that love and joy kept in silence and hiding burst forth at this wedding, and the outpouring of love was as tangible as Crystal & Wendi’s joy. That joy and love, no matter who or where it originates from, is why I shoot weddings, to witness and be a part of that, and to document it for people to relive over and over again. Love is love and love is what we live for.

And let’s not forget to mention that Crystal & Wendi were pretty much a dream team of wedding planners & decorators. Crystal is a graphics designer and designed all of the invitaitons, programs & everything. Wendi is the master crafter of this fantastic glitter-fest and crafted all of the details. from the gold glitter dipped feathers to the string covered monogram to the amazing cake & cupcake table- though I’m sure Crystal got roped into doing some things! And can we talk about the AWESOME loom they had? In addition to their awesome globe guestbook, they had guests weave in strips of fabric into a loom along with notes, well wishes and trinkets. I am totally stealing that for my wedding, sorry girls! I’m predicting a new wedding trend…

Crystal & Wendi, thank you so much for having me be a part of your heartfelt, sacred, joyful ceremony, it was an honor. I hope you spread your light to the world. I was humbled to be a part of this experience.

Venue: Foothills Christian Church  |  Cake: Gourmet Cakes & More  |  Flowers: DIY  |  Decorations: DIY  |  Dresses: ModCloth  |  Luv Loom: Susan Chew

Foothills Christian Church Phoenix AZ red cup with white cross by Arizona LGBT friendly photographer

Foothills Christian Church wedding ceremony with communion by Arizona same sex wedding photographer

feather and gold boutineer sign to wedding on picture frame by Arizona LGBT friendly wedding photographer

two brides in short dresses walking to ceremony at church Phoenix AZ by Arizona LGBT supportive photographer

candlelit ceremony at Foothills Christian Church by Arizona gay wedding photographer

The brides each walked down the aisle three times with loved ones signifying their past and present. The final time they walked down, they walked down together, signifying their future.

brides walking down aisle with loved ones during same sex Christian wedding ceremony Arizona

two brides holding hands in Christian wedding ceremony in Phoenix

same sex wedding Phoenix AZ two brides saying vows to each other Christian ceremony

LGBT friendly church marrying two brides in Phoenix AZ wedding vows

lesbian brides emotionally saying vows to each other in Christian ceremony

two brides holding hands during Christian wedding ceremony in Phoenix, AZ

pastor blessing rings of two lesbian brides Foothills Christian Church AZ

lesbian brides exchanging rings in Christian church Phoenix

LGBT friendly church Phoenix AZ wedding ceremony communion

same sex wedding Phoenix AZ church marrying two brides

two brides kissing at LGBT friendly church Phoenix AZ

guests waving flags at wedding ceremony at Foothills Christian Church

two brides just married at Phoenix AZ church Foothills Christian recessional

two brides looking at each other with sign about marriage rights in AZ

two brides kissing in desert with diy heart between them

lesbian brides in short dresses happy

two brides holding bouquets with rings

two brides blowing glitter laughing in Arizona desert

two brides tossing gold glitter laughing

two brides white & gold dress hugging & kissing in Arizona desert

two lesbian brides in white & gold short dresses smiling in AZ desert

lesbian bride reeling in her partner laughing

lesbian brides in gold & white short dresses holding she said yes signs laughing

two lesbian brides in gold & white short dresses kissing each other by Arizona same sex wedding photographer

two lesbian brides kissing each other in Arizona desert by Arizona same sex wedding photographer

two lesbian brides in gold & white short dresses in AZ desert by Arizona same sex wedding photographers

How adorable & awesome are those monogram initials??

two brides by cute DIY initials

gold & glitter DIY reception at Foothills Christian Church Arizona same sex wedding photographer

bride & bride cartoon paper cake topper & gold details

gold glitter two brides' wedding rings rose gold & diamonds

popping the champagne at same sex wedding by Arizona same sex wedding photographer

toasts to the brides at Foothills Christian Church Arizona lesbian wedding photographer

gold glitter dipped feathers with black & gold dot table cloths & DIY programs at Foothills Christian Church by Arizona same sex wedding photographer

gold glitter dipped feathers & monogrammed candy bags love is sweet candy bartwo brides cutting the cake with gold DIY streamer backdrop by Arizona lesbian wedding photographer

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