Krystal & Jose came to me wanting beautiful elopement photos in Flagstaff without the constraints of other people. We got to leisurely explore this lovely place, which we had basically to ourselves, at the end of March with some views, some awesome rocky cliffs and a waterfall! I’m sure in the summer the waterfall would run even higher and this place would be super green and pretty. I think it’s gorgeous any time of the year though. I was in awe of this location, it has everything and is so different from Phoenix! I love how real and natural Krystal & Jose were in front of the camera, especially Jose who was so incredibly sweet to Krystal. Being yourselves can be hard, but I have lots of experience drawing out people’s personalities and making them comfortable in front of the camera. Most of my clients tend to be introverted, like I am, and almost 100% say they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. With hundreds of portrait sessions and over 100 weddings under my belt, along with a psychology degree, I know how to make people comfortable and have fun in front of the camera. People always tell me that they had so much more fun than they thought and love the natural, genuine emotions in the photos.

The amazing thing about elopements is you aren’t constrained by the same pressures as a wedding. You have an hour or two of uninterrupted portrait time, instead of the usual maybe 20-45 minutes tops. No timeline really to speak of, no rushing around, worrying about table placements, if everything is going to plan- just time to connect to your loved one! If you opt for having close friends & family along, it’s still much more laid back than a full wedding. And, you get to go to amazing places like this Flagstaff elopement location! The possibilities are endless. Check out some other amazing locations in my Arizona elopement guide, full of beautiful locations and some tips. Email me to get started on planning your own Arizona elopement! I have some amazing secret locations as well, along with some awesome vendor recommendations and tips to make planning a breeze.

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