Crystal & Wendi got married in a beautiful church ceremony and are the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet. They started a family and their boy Brave is going to do amazing things, I can already tell. We did some fall family photos at Love Story Films‘ adorable farm which is basically my husband & I’s dream home. I think Brave enjoyed the session too, getting to see the mini pigs, chickens & goats on an idyllic beautiful property with grass and trees. Such a rarity for Phoenix, but more common in Gilbert. All parents cherish their children but I could especially see the love Crystal & Wendi had for Brave.

When shooting lifestyle family photos, I find that giving kids actions is the best thing to keep them entertained and not fussy. By doing that, with only periodic “posed” photos, it keeps them happy and not stressed which means happy, non-crying photos. Plus it makes it so much more fun for everyone involved! I think candid photos speak so much more to remembering a feeling, personality and memory than a static, posed family portrait of everyone looking at the camera. Of course, those are great to have, but I like to focus on the lifestyle, candid photos of families doing their things naturally- swinging kids from the arms, tossing them in the air, blowing raspberry kisses on them- just loving on them. I think when the kids grow up and look back on those photos, that’s what they will want to remember about their parents. And I personally love those photos hanging on a wall much more than “look at the camera” photos, but that’s personal preference.

Contact me if you’re interested in a lifestyle family session in Gilbert or Mesa like this one– I’d be thrilled to capture your family. Oftentimes people put off getting family photos done until parents lose a few pounds, or look better, etc but your kids aren’t going to see or care about any of that. They will, however, regret not having you in more photos growing up. Don’t put it off!

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