Tim, a fellow photographer and scuba diver, came to me with an ambitious plan, as most photographers do. He was traveling to Arizona for work in February after having a small elopement ceremony back home and wanted to utilize the time in Arizona to get some amazing photos with his new wife in Phoenix & underwater. I showed him Saguaro Lake Ranch and he fell in love. So, we devised a plan- we’d do a trash the dress shoot at Saguaro Lake Ranch, then the next day, hop in the (heated) pool for the underwater section of their trash the dress shoot!

I love when not only my clients encourage me to go crazy with creating art for them, but also collaborate with me, bringing their own ideas to the shoot and seeing us bring those to life. I live for collaboration and bringing cool ideas to fruition. Tim had the idea to bring little waterproof LED “bubbles” to the underwater shoot, attached to fishing line with a fish weight at the end for a cool floating light effect. I love how it came out!

At Saguaro Lake Ranch, the weather didn’t quite cooperate- the sun didn’t come out for but a few minutes, but we still ran across our wild horse friends along the river and that made it all worth it. Plus, you can never have ugly scenery at Saguaro Lake Ranch!

Here’s an article on 5 myths about trash the dress sessions– check it out to see if you are surprised by any of them!

I’d love to do more of these types of shoots- be sure to contact me for some underwater trash the dress shoots, or if you want to do a two section shoot of hiking or desert trash the dress session along with an underwater session. You only wear your wedding dress once- might as well get some extra use out of it for your 1 year anniversary photos, first day of marriage photos, or whatever excuse you want!

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