What is a Day After session?

A “Day After” session is an additional portrait session with a bride & groom in their wedding clothes at some point after the wedding. They are also called “Post Wedding Sessions”. Their purpose is to get more photos of the bride & groom, often when portrait time on their wedding day was cut short due to light or timeline issues or to get a bigger variety of locations than possible on a wedding day with less stress. Many destination weddings schedule Day After sessions to visit unique locations not available to them on their wedding day.

bride and groom on rocky landscape in Arizona

What’s the difference between a Day After session & Trash the Dress┬ásession?

A Day After session is more like a “lite” version of a Trash the Dress session for those who want to keep their dress cleaner and not have the potential of damaging the dress. The lines are blurry between the two and up to your interpretation! Both are a fun and unique way to showcase your personality in ways perhaps not possible on the wedding day.

bride and groom laughing together in field Northern Arizona

Which is right for me?

If you want nice, romantic photos of you and your new husband, but want to keep and preserve your wedding dress without getting it too dirty, I recommend a Day After Session.

If you want fun, daring and unique photos without having to worry about getting your dress dirty or damaged, opt for a Trash the Dress session.

You call the shots!

bride and groom with foreheads together laughing in field

Ideas for a Day After session

-hiking in Sedona or other scenic place

-photos downtown

-photos in your favorite restaurant

-photos in the place you met

-photos at a favorite park

-photos in the place he proposed

-photos doing your favorite activity together

bride & groom hiking in green Arizona forest after wedding

When should I schedule a Day After session?

Day After sessions do not have to be the day after your wedding! They can be months afterwards, or even on an anniversary such as your one year anniversary, five year or even later, or just because.

Book a Day After session with me for your anniversary, or just because!



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