About a month ago, my family, boyfriend and some close friends went on a fantastic cruise to the Western Caribbean- Cozumel, Belize, Roatan Islands off Houndras, and Grand Cayman Island. We had a ton of fun diving and visiting Stingray CIty in Grand Cayman. Enjoy the photos!

Cozumel underwater reef

Belize reef

Dolphin underwater Roatan

Dolphin underwater Roatan

Dolphin underwater Roatan

Can you tell I like dolphins? The right photo is of my dad, he got some great video!

Dolphin underwater Roatan

The left photo is of my boyfriend who second shot this wedding with me.

Dolphin underwater Roatan

Stingray City stingray ocean underwater

Stingray City stingrays underwater Grand Cayman

Stingray City stingrays people underwater

Left is my boyfriend, right is my dad. (Note, I do not condone catching stingrays! That’s just what he does.)

We did occasionally surface for air, and when we did, we went to a few great comedy shows and laugh at our waiter’s dance moves…

Carnival comedy club funny waiter

I found an AWESOME spiral staircase, and you all know how much I love spiral staircases

spiral staircase lights

We played a rousing game of pool in which I WAS winning, then scratched on the 8 ball….

playing pool

Caribbean sunset ocean

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