Underwater photos are the best way to have your photos stand out and be unique and creative. I am one of the few (probably only?) photographers who regularly do underwater sessions here in the Phoenix area, whether it be for maternity, engagement photos, trash the wedding dress sessions, high school senior photos, etc. When Carren contacted me because she wanted some beautiful, unique photos at a friend’s home in Paradise Valley, I said heck yes! The neighborhood was perfect for some quick on land photos of her and her sweet husband, then we hopped in amazing pool for some creative and dramatic photos. Carren found these amazing dresses that were absolutely stunning for this session. Flowy fabrics look so great in the water and the more fabric the better. Also how incredibly STUNNING is Carren? She had her make up done professionally, though I don’t think she needed it. It looked SO GOOD in the photos and underwater! Having your makeup done professionally for underwater sessions so it stays put. That’s a feat underwater, but pro make up artists know how to manage it! Having your husband or partner there with you for your maternity session is a really great idea, not only for moral support but also I think it makes the photos that much more awesome. I often use husbands to help my pregnant clients sink a little bit, since they have extra buoyancy with the baby!

FAQ’s for Underwater Maternity Sessions
1. I can’t hold my breath! Can I still do an underwater session?
For maternity specifically, I DON’T want you holding your breath for more than 10-20 seconds for yours and your baby’s safety. I work with you to get you comfortable, practice poses and do each pose several times for that perfect shot. Resting between each pose sequence is also vital- we can do a lot of photos of you with your face out of the water too!
2. Do you have your own pool?
I don’t, however in Phoenix, a LOT of people have pools. I have a list of pools at my disposal, and you can also ask friends!
3. Do you have a wardrobe?
I have a selection of fabrics that look GREAT underwater with a swimsuit, a dress or anything else you bring. I don’t currently have any dresses for maternity clients, but that may change! Most fabrics that aren’t super delicate do very well in pools, so you can definitely wear something you have already without too much worry. Ask me what fabrics hold up best in the water. Flowy- think tulle, chiffon, lightweight synthetics, etc do very well in the water!
4. Do you have backdrops?
I do! I have a few different ones- mostly black which looks incredible in the water.

Summer is here and I’m looking forward to a full season of underwater sessions? Are you interested in having a unique and different type of maternity session? Check out my underwater photo session information page and contact me to chat about ideas. Want to see more underwater sessions? Head to the underwater section of my blog!

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