Today’s National Puppy Day, so I thought I’d extoll the benefits of having your dog(s) at your wedding/ photo session. Yes, a thousand times, yes, you can have your dogs in your Phoenix portrait session or wedding. Please do! I’m one of those crazy dog people who talk to my dogs when I’m home, get accused of babying them and otherwise am just dog obsessed. I think every photo session would be a million times more awesome if a dog was in it. I think it puts everyone more at ease, takes the focus and pressure off the humans and you have a natural comedian present. Dogs misbehaving? Always funny! Instant genuine smiles from everyone. Plus, I like petting dogs. Give me all the dogs please!

Mesa engagement photo at Salt River with dog

funny photo of dog in Mesa in home lifestyle portrait session
But what if they act crazy?
If they are quite a bit hyper, may I recommend an in home lifestyle session. Not only does that put them at ease and in their space, but it reflects a realness. I love in home sessions because it tells so much about you as a person and where you are at in life. No, your house doesn’t have to be amazingly decorated. Part of the skills that comes with being a Phoenix wedding photographer is learning how to work in less than idea spaces and finding good light, as well as telling a story. In home sessions are perfect for that! You’d be surprised how great your humble home can look!

lifestyle in home maternity session with dogs Chandler AZ

Salt River AZ senior session with dog

You can also bring a “dog wrangler”- someone who can handle them while you are getting portraits without the dog, such as in an engagement session. A lot of people have dogs as their fur children, so not including their dogs in their engagement session feels like it’s missing something, but they are afraid that the dog(s) will be a hassle during the session. With someone there to take them for a walk while we do some portraits without them, it can make the session go very well, and Fido gets a walk on top of it!

dogs at weddings at Las Sendas Golf Resort Mesa AZ
couple and their dog Gilbert portrait photographer
We had our dogs in both our engagement session & wedding. Our dogs have been a part of our lives since the start of our relationship. When my husband was going to school and working and driving 2+ hours every day, I kept our dogs at the house I was renting while I went to school. Then we moved in together… then we moved again, got engaged, got married, then got more animals! So our dogs are very much a part of our family, and I honestly couldn’t imagine doing photos without them there! (Photo by the amazing Michigan wedding photographer Heather Jowett)

dogs at Payson AZ wedding

I’m pretty comfortable with all breeds of dogs- pitbulls, bigger dogs, etc. I told you, I’m a DOG PERSON, all caps. Licking? Jumping? Doesn’t really bother me. I’ve had a lot of misbehaved dogs in my life haha! When in doubt, chat with me about your concerns and we can figure out how to work around them!

Gilbert Riparian Preserve Mesa AZ senior portraits with pug

Also, a quick note. I also have a cat. I’m a dog person, but cats are ok too. Mostly. But dogs!






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