Elopements rock. They have less stress, cost less, and can be more focused on what matters… your fiance, your love and your family and the people that really mean the most to you. There’s not a million details to keep track of, it’s closer to 1,000. The cost is a little easier to swallow in this economy. Elopements are awesome!

Salli contacted me for her Phoenix Boojum Tree elopement. I have been DYING to photograph a wedding at Boojum Tree. The venue is an amazing, colorful, unique and slightly quirky exotic Phoenix wedding and reception venue. It is very unique for Phoenix because it has a mixure of colorful southwest-eque decor and a greenhouse. Salli & Steve spent part of their life in Hawaii, so they wanted somewhere that reflected that. Boojum tree is about the only place I know of that has a rainforest vibe so it was a natural choice. Because of my own connection to Hawaii, I was over the moon when Salli told me they were incorporating Hawaiian lei traditions into the ceremony. It was a privelige to photograph Salli & Steve’s Hawaiian elopement.

Boojum Tree exotic unique Phoenix wedding venue fountain

Boojum Tree unique Phoenix wedding venue fountain silhouette

Boojum Tree wedding venue Bride's room sign

beautiful plus sized wedding dress hanging in window with ruffled skirt

pear shaped wedding ring made of many diamonds and halo of diamonds

pear shaped diamond wedding ring on Hawaiian wedding lei

Steve’s family came from Hawaii and brought real Hawaiian tuberose leis for the ceremony. They were gorgeous and I may or may not have found reasons to carry them so I could smell them…

family at wedding looking at Hawaiian lei

mother putting on daughter's wedding lei from Hawaii

first look at Boojum Tree Phoenix Hawaiian elopement

groom seeing bride for first time Boojum Tree Phoenix elopement

bride and groom kissing at Boojum Tree Hawaiian elopement

bride and groom looking at each other at Boojum Tree

colorful romantic photo of groom dipping bride and kissing at Boojum Tree with Hawaiian leis

bride and groom at Hawaiian wedding at Boojum Tree in Phoenix

bride and groom dancing at Boojum Tree

bride and groom dancing together at Boojum Tree elopement

bride and groom flirting sitting on fountain at Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

bride and groom kissing in front of fountain at Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

bride looking flirty at groom at Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens Phoenix

bride and groom laughing at elopement at Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens Phoenix wedding venue

bride and groom laughing in front of Boojum Tree fountain

ethereal unset portrait of bride and groom in front of old truck at Boojum Tree wedding venue

bride and groom portrait kissing and cuddling on old teal truck at Boojum Tree wedding venue

candid photograph of bride and groom laughing close

bride and groom walking down pathway with desert and eucalyptus trees at Boojum Tree

family formal portrait at Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens Phoenix wedding venue

This was everyone at the elopement! Family is so important to Salli & Steve.

candid photo cute blonde brother and sister at wedding hugging

three generations portrait of daughter mother and grandmother at wedding

Whenever possible, I try to get a three generations portrait of the bride, her mother and grandmother. What an great looking group of girls!

bride and grandmother laughing together at wedding

You can see where Salli got her smile and laugh 🙂

goofy family formal with conch

Steve’s family was decidedly a little more goofy… Salli fits right in!

wedding kukui leis for family members with painted turtles tradition of Hawaii

As part of Hawaiian tradition, each family member received a kukui nut lei which symbolizes the light of Hawaii.

little kid blowing conch shell at beginning of traditional Hawaiian elopement ceremony

This cutie blew the ceremonial conch shell in all four cardinal directions to begin the ceremony.

bride and groom kissing before ceremony starts at Boojum Tree

bride and groom looking at officiant at elopement at Boojum Tree greenhouse

bride and groom facing officiant at Boojum Tree elopement

candid moment of mother looking at bride at ceremony

mother in law hugging bride and welcoming into family

Hawaiian tradition family welcoming husband into family placing lei on him

Steve was welcomed into the family by Salli’s parents by placing the lei on his neck.

bride being welcomed into family by mother in law placing lei on neck Hawaiian tradition

And Salli was welcomed into the family by Steve’s mother placing a lei on her neck.

father in law hugging groom welcoming into family at wedding ceremony

mother in law welcoming new husband into family with hug

beautiful photo of bride wiping tear away from groom's eye at ceremony at Boojum Tree greenhouse

This is my favorite image from the ceremony of Salli wiping a tear away from Steve’s cheek. I love meaningful moments like this.

exchanging rings at ceremony at Boojum Tree greenhouse

exchanging rings at Boojum Tree elopement Hawaiian ceremony

hands ceremony at Boojum Tree Hawaiian elopement

Salli & Steve used a version of the hands ceremony, one of my favorites.

hand fasting ceremony at Boojum Tree elopement

first kiss at Boojum Tree elopement

cute bride and groom hug after ceremony

These guys are so freaking cute!

little kid blowing conch shell at end of traditional Hawaiian ceremony

He blew the conch again to signal the end of the ceremony. If anyone needs a professional conch blower, he’s your guy!

young siblings dancing after wedding ceremony

grandma hugging granddaughter after ceremony

I love grandmas hugging granddaughters 🙂

bride and groom in front of red wall with star lanterns at Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens Hawaiian elopement

I grabbed this shot right before their guests burst through. Boojum Tree is so beautiful at night!

Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens Phoenix at night

To further testify how awesome Salli & Steve are, they gave Tasha the officiant and coordinator and I our own leis to share the light of Hawaii with us. Thank you so much Salli & Steve, it was an honor!

Venue: Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens 

Coordinator & Officiant: Tasha Work (she’s amazing!)

Dress: Brilliant Bridal

Flowers: Brought by family from Hawaii



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