I feel like 2013 flew by, yet when I look back on all that happened in 2013, it was filled with so many things and a lot of growth. Here are my favorite photos, both personal and client photos, from this year.

A quick recap of the year:

-I officially started photographing weddings and was blessed to photograph 3 full weddings, a ceremony and an elopement. I love it and hope to photograph more in 2014.

-I photographed some fantastic underwater sessions, including some underwater trash the prom dress sessions and two underwater engagement sessions. I LOVE underwater sessions!

-Lots of travel! Hawaii, the Bahamas, British Columbia, Sedona a few times and the southern Caribbean this year!

-A rebrand (done by the amazing Ayo) and new website built by the fabulous and oh so patient Garret. Thank you guys so much, I love it!

-Lots of soul searching and thinking of what I want my business to be. I am going into 2014 with some changes and a clear focus of what I want my business to be and most of all how I can best serve those who hire me. It is a great priviledge to get paid doing something I love dearly and I want my clients to have the best service possible.

Thank you to everyone of you who has supported my business this year and all other years. I would be nowhere without you, and I can’t express how much I truly appreciate each of you in supporting my passion and business. Here’s to a great 2014!

Prints are available of my travel work.

sisters laughing together looking at camera

humpback whale and calf underwater in Hawaii

Click the photo to read about my beautiful encounter with a humpback whale mother and calf in Hawaii.

Hawaiian sunset with palm trees

north shore of Hawaii

Oahu Hawaii Rabbit Island from Makapuu Point

adult sisters laughing together in pecan grove

vintage style engagement ring on a tree branch in winter

Stuarts Cove Bahamas reef shark

Stuart's Cove Bahamas fan coral

Stuarts Cove Bahamas divemaster feeding sharks

bride and groom at Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center Arizona

groom kissing bride with sun behind them at Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center

wedding at Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center Arizona

bride and groom just married at Scottsdale Resort & conference

toasts at Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center bride wiping away tear

bride looking down in front of window

wedding guests dancing can can at Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center

filipino woman with desert palo verde trees in bloom

filipino in Simply Bridal wedding dress high low in creek

double exposure filipino bride

underwater trash the wedding dress photo session

underwater trash the dress bridal session in a pool

college senior portraits Arizona

Arizona college graduate portrait

Arizona guy high school senior portraits

high school senior guy portrait in front of rusty red wall

Arizona college graduate portrait in a spiral staircase

downtown Tempe AZ college graduate double exposure portrait

high school senior guy portrait in Tempe AZ

Arizona high school guy with reflection on granite wall

high school girl hugging dog in front of flowering palo verde tree

arizona trash the prom dress session in a pool with pink sequin dress

underwater high school senior trash the prom dress session in a poolarizona underwater trash the prom dress photo session

underwater photo session trash the prom dress with black dress

underwater high school senior prom dress session reflections on surface of the pool

underwater trash the prom dress session with minnie mouse ears

engagement photos at Watson Lake with cloudy sky

couple in Prescott creek

bride and groom laughing together at Watson Lake

bride and groom on top of rocks at Watson Lake

high school senior guy in front of concrete wall looking serious

Tempe high school senior guy portrait on metal industrial staircase

couple in front of bushes on Mill Ave Arizona laughing togetehr

couple dancing intimately on Mill Ave in Tempe

arizona desert couple's photo session guy kissing girl 's shoulder

couple kissing at Salt River Mesa AZ

guy holding girl in arms on top of a rock in Sedona

couple with foreheads together inside a teepee in Sedona

underwater engagement photo couple kissing underwater in pool

couple underwater engagement photos in a pool in teal dress

bride wiping away groom's tear during intimate elopement ceremony at Boojum Tree

intimate Hawaiian elopement bride and groom laughing together

Hawaiian elopement at Boojum Tree couple kissing in front of fountain

Boojum Tree bride and groom kissing in front of vintage truck

wedding rings on Hawaiian tuberose lei

woman underwater in red dress

engagement photos underwater woman holding man in red dress and brown suit & tie

underwater engagement photo couple dancing underwater in red dress

underwater engagement session woman with head on fiance's shoulder showing off ring

couple laughing together at Desert Botanical Gardens

couple sitting on tree branch laughing

woman looking at fiance smiling in adoration

bride getting ready laughing and smiling

father of the bride seeing daughter for first time giving her thumbs up

bride and groom walking down aisle married with crowd cheering in backyard wedding

bride and groom looking at each other after ceremony in front of citrus trees

father daughter dance in backyard Peoria wedding

mother son dance in backyard peoria arizona wedding

Sedona West Fork Trail in fall

Sedona West Fork Trail fall colors

Sedona West Fork Trail hiking in fall

Sedona Call of the Canyon trail hiking in fall

Victoria Canada male killer whale surfacing on cloudy day

male killer whale surfacing in British Columbia

Victoria Canada rocky beach with yellow flowers

college graduate Arizona State University portrait at Barrett Honor's College

black and white photo of college graduate on motorcycle

arizona state university college graduate portrait at Packard Stadium parking lot

high school senior guy portrait at downtown Tempe with batman shirt

Larry Fitzgerald accepting awards trophy at Teen Lifeline Connections of Hope event

Barbados diving on a wreck with fish swimming around

Thanks for the awesome year and hope you have a wonderful 2014!




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