I’ve said it many times, but the Salt River is truly one of my favorite “hidden gems” of the Phoenix area. It’s simply a fantastic place for high school senior portraits and college senior sessions, family sessions, engagement sessions and elopements. Lauren & Adam contacted me because they wanted to elope from England to Arizona and found my Arizona Elopement Guide. How amazing is that! I really love working with people from out of state on eloping in Arizona’s beautiful landscapes- even better when they are from out of the country. Not only were they rad humans with accents I could listen to for hours, but they had a beautiful relationship. It was a joy to document their elopement! The wild horses of the Salt River made a brief appearance towards the end of their session, leaving these Brits mystified. I love when they show up because it gives me an opportunity to educate people about them- and plus how cool is it seeing wild horses? I bet there aren’t any of those in Great Britain!

Laura is an artist/graphics designer with a super unique and cool art style (check out her Etsy store here) so she had a lot of fun designing the aesthetics of their elopement. Though you definitely don’t need anything when you are eloping in a gorgeous place like the Salt River, it doesn’t hurt either. She contacted Tremaine Ranch for those awesome rugs and candle sticks. She MADE that gorgeous macrame backdrop and Adam rigged up the copper piping stand which can that get any more Arizona? One of my favorite things is when people hand make something for their wedding that they can reuse in their new life together. Home decor is one of the easiest things and I have a secret (or maybe not so secret) crush on boho styles. Another thing I love is when elopements get a great bouquet. This one is a gem from Hannah Nissen Florals!

But what I loved most what their infectious joy and silliness with each other. Being yourself is hard in front of a stranger, but I always honor that authenticity and vulnerability. As an introvert myself, I really understand that! Being real is SO important to make meaningful photos that you’ll look back on and go “yup,  this is us!” and cherish throughout your lives. Because really, how much are your potential future children going to love that photo of Dad on his wedding day playing air guitar on Mom’s leg & acting silly & fun?

Thinking about eloping? Check out my Arizona Elopement guide, full of great locations all over Arizona to get you thinking outside the courthouse elopement. I’d love to chat and plan some unique ideas for your elopement! Contact me to get started!

Salt River elopement with macrame ceremony backdrop

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Salt River at sunset

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