Alex has been my best friend since forever. I have wanted to photograph her for a long time, but she was always away down in that evil college down south…. Just kidding about the evil part. Alex is graduating from University of Arizona with a degree in Public Policy. She is coming back to the valley after graduation and I am SO EXCITED to have her back on a more constant basis. I miss her beautiful laugh and smile and goofiness.

Love ya Al and so excited for you!

Arizona college senior girl portrait blowing dandelions in an orange dress

Arizona college girl looking at blowing dandelions

college senior photography natural setting with an orange dress looking up

beautiful college graduate with brown hair and and orange dress

beautiful girl looking up with trees around her

gorgeous brown haired college graduate with trees around her

University of Arizona college graduate portrait of a brown haired girl

double exposure of girl with yellow palo verde flowers

beautiful portrait of brown haired college graduate with palo verde flowers

double exposure of brown haired girl and palo verde tree flowers

University of Arizona graduate in blue hat and robes in front of yellow door

University of Arizona graduate throwing up hat in front of purple background

Alex, thanks for dealing with me accidentally locking my keys in my truck… I am blonde as you know. But really, you know that was just an excuse to hang with you longer. Thanks so much for having me take your college senior graduate photos!

Arizona college senior girl



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