One of the very first things you might think about when you start planning your elopement is: when should we elope? If the first question you had was where should I elope, I have this awesome elopement guide for Arizona, chock full of the best locations and lots of info on weather & such! But back to when- I think the best time to elope is on a weekday! Let’s dive into the reasons why!

It’s a great excuse to elope alone or with just the people you really want there.

If you want a really good excuse to not invite all 30 of extended family whom you don’t even speak with except at Christmas, might I recommend eloping on a weekday while everyone is at work.  Solved that one!

Sedona elopement
small wedding reception under string lights Superstition Mountains Arizona

Less busy

Arizona has gotten particularly popular for elopements due to its gorgeous and varied places to elope all across AZ. Places that have gotten “Instagram famous” like Sedona and Horseshoe Bend are almost unshootable in some cases. Do you want to be frazzled on your wedding day circling the parking lot for 30 minutes and hiking around 30+ people going to the same place you want to get married? Do you want a random group of tourists watching your first look or ceremony? Weekdays are less likely to be busy.

Mt Lemmon elopement

Less stress

On that similar note, weekday weddings tend to be less stressful because everyone is less crowded. You can actually enjoy the peace and quiet and take in the moments without being frazzled!

Sedona sunset elopement

Fewer strangers in your photos

As an Arizona elopement photographer, this is a big one for me. I can edit out or carefully crop out a few rogue strangers, but if there are 10 people in the background of your photos, there isn’t much I can do about that in most cases. This is frequently the case if you are choosing to elope at super popular locations like Horseshoe Bend, Cathedral Rock and other super popular elopement locations across Arizona. Plus, do you really want a bunch of random strangers in the background of your photos that you will look at for the rest of your life? Chances are, one of the reasons you might be choosing to elope is because you enjoy being out in nature alone!

Bride and Groom's first kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony in Sedona
Bride cries a tear while eloping with groom in Sedona

Love these photos? Check out this Cathedral Rock elopement in Sedona!

Vendors may be more available 

Most vendors who also serve full weddings can’t or won’t book small elopement packages more than a month or two out due to the likelihood of booking full weddings for that date. Or they might charge high minimums or have packages with a lot of extras you don’t need (see below for the note on More Affordable). There are only so many weekends each year, so these dates are in high demand. Each vendor will have different policies but a surefire way to get awesome vendors for your elopement is to choose to elope on a weekday when there is less demand for dates! 

elopement along Salt River in Arizona

Check out Billy & Jane’s small Salt River wedding!

Easier to get permits, reservations and/or lodging

On that note of demand, there is less demand for any necessary permits or reservations to get married if your location only issues a certain number of permits and reservations per day. I am happy to help provide some general guidance to my elopement clients on which locations in Arizona require permits or reservations and what is involved with that. Hotel or Airbnbs will also have less demand for weekday reservations so you can stay at that amazing A frame Airbnb you have had your eye on that’s booked up for every weekend through the end of the year!

More affordable

Chances are likely that one of the main reasons you are thinking of eloping is to save money from a traditional wedding. There are lots of areas where eloping on a weekday might save you a ton of money! If you’re coming into Arizona from somewhere else, airfare might be cheaper to fly in on a weekday. Hotel or Airbnbs might also be less expensive on a weekday. Other vendors are likely to offer smaller packages for weekday elopements that they might otherwise not be able to offer.

Take a vacation day – or week!

You might have a ton of vacation hours to use up because of COVID derailing your travel plans. This is a great opportunity to use those hours up by taking a staycation, traveling vacation, or even just enjoy a quick day off to get married to your best friend. 

What to do if you can’t plan a weekday elopement?

If you can’t take off work, or someone you really want at your elopement can’t get off work during a weekday and must get married on a weekend, I’d be happy to suggest specific locations that would be less crowded on a weekend and give personalized, specific advice to my elopement clients. I have helped over a hundred couples get married in whatever manner they chose- anything from secret elopements all the way up to huge weddings. Reach out to me if you are thinking of eloping in Arizona, I’d love to chat!


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