1. I help you every step of the way.
As a bride myself, I get that the whole getting married thing is (likely) new to you. There are about 245,344 decisions you have to make, and let's be honest, you might not totally know all of the answers. I'm here to help you every step of the way and help you get the most out of your photography experience. I help you create a photography timeline that maximizes your coverage to its fullest potential, recommend what works best for your particular situation, give you helpful tips on making things flow smoother and look awesome, can recommend other amazing vendors and destress your day.

bride wiping away groom's tear at Boojum Tree elopement in Arizona by Arizona wedding photographer Alyssa Campbell

2. I capture you day as it happens with all of the real, genuine emotion as beautifully and unobtrusively as possible.
If you're looking for those generic Style Me Pretty-type photos, I am not your photographer. While I can and do take beautiful photos, I care more about capturing moments, the ones that make your heart melt and that you treasure forever. Like the moment when your stoic father cries during the first dance or the moment your grandma busts out some killer dance moves on the dance floor. The moments that make your wedding YOURS and no one else's. I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible during moments, but not to fear, I don't leave you hanging during portraits! I pose you in a natural way that brings out real emotion and wonderful moments while not making you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

bride and groom standing on rocks at Watson Lake Prescott AZ by Arizona wedding photographer Alyssa Campbell

3. I genuinely care about my couples.
I know this is a very cheesy thing to say, but I really do. I feel a deep connection to my couples as I share in their emotions of their wedding day. I take the time to get to know my couples so I can make sure their photos reflect them as a couple and look like them. It's a small thing, but I find it makes so much difference.

bride and groom almost kissing in Arizona desert