How To Order

  1. Create an account by clicking the Create an Account button. An email to set up your password will be sent to you within a few hours.
  2. Once you click the link in the email and set up your password, go back to the proofing area and log in.
  3. Click on the gallery you wish to view.
  4. You can add photos to your favorites by placing your mouse over the photo and clicking the heart icon, or clicking on the photo and clicking the heart icon on the next page.
  5. You can also add photos directly to your cart by clicking the cart icon the same way as above.
  6. You can add photos to your cart from your favorites by clicking the cart icon.
  7. Once you place a photo in your cart, you can select the size of the photo you want to purchase by clicking the button next to the size you want. Click Add to Cart.
  8. Once you have added the photos you wish to order to your cart, click Checkout.
  9. My payment processing is through Paypal, a free service that allows you to pay with credit card without telling me your credit card number. If you do not want to use Paypal, please email me ( to arrange other payment options like check or credit card via phone. All products are subject to sales tax.
  10. After clicking the checkout button, fill in the info to complete the order.
  11. Prints ship within 2 weeks. You will receive a confirmation of your order and an estimated ship date.

Please email or call me with any questions or problems! I'm happy to walk you through the ordering process or help you in any way.