Photography Style

Do you do posed photos or candids?
I do a mixture of both. Though I enjoy documentary or candid style photography, I realize most people can't completely ignore a camera in their face and be natural, myself definitely included. So, during a wedding, I document the day as it happens with little interference except to guide you towards excellent light. During "posed" sections of the day- bride & groom portraits, family formals, wedding party photos, etc, I will guide you into a pose, then give you something to do to get as much natural emotion as possible.
Do you edit your photos?
Yes! All photos delivered are lightly retouched- meaning they are color corrected for any funky color casts, and a "pop" is added to polish the photo. Any prints or albums ordered are retouched more fully such as gently correcting any skin issues or stray hairs and the like.
I have a ton of photos I found on Pinterest/ have a shot list from the Knot/other bridal magazine they recommended I give to you... do you take requests?
Absolutely! I welcome requests and Pinterest is full of some great photos. However, my strength is capturing the day as it happens, not recreating artificial moments and poses that might not totally reflect you and your relationship. Professional wedding photographers also don't need a shot list because they know to get photos of the ring, the first kiss, the first dance, and all of the standard shots. I recommend if you have something meaningful to you that I wouldn't necessarily know to photograph- for example, you might have a brooch that was your grandmother's- or a some meaningful or especially important poses you'd like me to do, give those to me before the wedding so I know to get them and let the rest of the day unfold as it does and your photos might end up on Pinterest inspiring other brides!

Business-y Questions

Can I print my own photos?
Yes! Included in most packages is a USB of the images with a license to reprint them at the lab of your choosing. These are great for printing a bunch for Grandma or as thank yous to friends. I recommend for longevity to order a few archival prints from me to ensure your favorite photos are protected and passed down to your children & grandchildren.
What is required to book our wedding?
To reserve your date on my calendar, I need a 25% non-refundable retainer fee AND a signed contract.
Do you have liability insurance? Are you a legal, registered business?
Yes, I have a general liability policy, equipment insurance and am a registered, tax paying business with the state of Arizona. I am also member of the PPA (Portrait Photographers Association) and WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) professional associations.
What happens if you get sick and can't shoot my wedding?
I will shoot a wedding as long as I am physically able, including through a cold, flu, anything I am able and does not pose a significant threat to your guests' and your health. I also have a network of fantastic professional photographers that will take my place if I am physically unable to shoot your wedding that are as good or better than I am. If I suddenly become injured or sick during the wedding and am not able to continue shooting, I include a 2nd shooter with all of my full coverage (6+ hour) packages. All of my 2nd shooters are capable of shooting the wedding on their own if I am incapacitated. Your wedding is vitally important to me!
Do you have back up equipment?
Yes! Back ups are extremely important and are what separate professionals from amateurs in my opinion. I shoot with 2 cameras at all times in case of failure. My main camera records images to a secondary back up card in case of card failure. I have back up lenses, and lights and have a 2nd photographer with their own equipment as back up as well. Additionally I back up photos when I get home to at least 2 places in case of data corruption to keep your photos safe until delivery to you.
What happens if I cancel/reschedule my wedding?
Your 25% nonrefundable retainer is kept in the event of a cancellation. A cancelled wedding means lost income for me because I only have a certain number of weekends a year that I can shoot and I turn down business when I book your date. I am happy to apply the deposit towards a portrait session or future wedding date if you reschedule your wedding. Please talk to me in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling and we can work something out.