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Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 00:22
family portraits at Salt River in Mesa, AZ with wild horses

You might remember this adorable family from their Gilbert Riparian Presserve engagement session & Mesa backyard wedding. I was so happy when Sidney contacted me to do family photos with their new addition to the family- little Tegan! We chose the scenic mountainous Salt River, not too far from near the Usury Mountains & Saguaro Lake. The wild horses of the Salt River joined us for their session and it is always such a treat to see them. This time there was a little foal with the band that we saw nursing from momma. The Salt River is always one of my favorite locations to shoot at because of what you see there. I've seen the wild horses about 50% off the time I have sessions there and you just can't beat the Bulldog mountains rising up in the distance that are lit up stunningly during sunset! Because it's along the river, you get some trees & some greenery, along with the typical deserty stuff not too far from the riverbank, so it really is the best of everything possible in the Phoenix area.

You guys might remember Sampson the bulldog as well who was in both Sidney & Jason's engagement photos & wedding. He tagged along for the session and wasn't quite used to sharing the limelight with his new sister after being the only child for a long time. I could practically see him pouting throughout the session, but I think he'll warm up to the idea though! I love photographing past clients throughout their lives and documenting milestones for them. It's wonderful to see families grow and catch up with what's been new with my clients!

Mesa AZ Salt River horses

Mesa AZ Salt River horses

Mesa AZ family portraits along the Salt River with horses

Mesa family portraits with bulldog at Salt River

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