Featured on Ever Ours! Scottsdale Underwater Engagement Session

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Thursday, December 4, 2014 - 11:53
Couple in formal clothes in a pool underwater

I've been following Ever Ours, a wedding blog featuring awesome weddings shot by awesome photographers, for a while thinking to myself, "Man, I would really like to be featured there, but is my work good enough? Is it interesting enough?" On a whim, I submitted this Scottsdale underwater save the date engagement session to Lydia, the owner of Ever Ours, thinking, well, it can't hurt and maybe I will get points for being unique, right? I was thrilled when it was accepted! What I love about Ever Ours besides that she features really amazing work by photographers is that she genuinely cares for the photography community. It's unique to find a wedding blog these days that is so focused on supporting and showing appreciation for photographers. She also features things that maybe aren't so "mainstream"- maybe the wedding is not super detail heavy with a million handmade paper cranes with gold leaf, but is in a beautiful location and has some fantastic moments. THOSE are the weddings that make me happy, and it is really rewarding to have a blog that accepts those types of weddings that are way better than the cookie cutter Style Me Pretty type weddings. Thank you Lydia & I hope to be able to submit to you again soon!

Ever Ours feature, Underwater Save the Date Session in Arizona

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